Laser Hair Removal

Are you tired of shaving or dealing with unwanted hair?

Today’s advanced technology makes Laser Hair Removal a safe and effective way to eliminate body and facial hair. Our laser treatments take advantage of Intense Pulse Light therapy to destroy hair follicles.

Dr. Vera has a solution at an affordable price: Laser Hair Removal!

-2nd and all subsequent treatments are the same price.
-Bring a Friend and get 10% off

What to Do Before

1) Shave before laser hair removal appointment
2) Cannot be in the sun, tanning bed or use self tanner for 2 weeks before appointment.
3) Cannot be taking accutane or tetracycline for 6 months before appointment

Frequently asked Questions

When will I see results?
You may see results in just 1 treatment! Laser hair removal is complete with minimum 6 treatments.

How does it work?
Our laser machine is the most advanced technology out there. It uses light to create heat and remove unwanted hair and skin damage.

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